Top 15 things you will hear at a Pokemon go raid

Top 15 things you will hear at a Pokemon go raid

  1. Are you here for the raid?
  2. What level are you?
  3. How many people did you get?
  4. We have 2 more on the way.
  5. They are 2 minutes away.
  6. Are we going in yet?
  7. Nanab golden nanab.
  9. HE RAN.
  10. I only got 7 balls
  12. I'm laggin BAD
  13. Wheres the next one?
  14. Pinapped, that s#!*!!
  15. DONT HIT OK.

[Discussion]The legendary bird hype is dead

[Discussion]The legendary bird hype is dead

A few days ago I made a post called The legendary birds were awesome, but please give us some rest. In that post I argued that people needed some rest before getting hyped again. Ten minutes after I made that post, Mewtwo appeared in Japan, and the same day Niantic announced that the legendary birds would be available for several more weeks.

Many people reacted by saying something like: "If you want to take some rest, just take some rest!". This is exactly the problem I want to discuss here. People did take a rest, and that's a bad thing. Previously there were groups starting early in the morning going from legendary raid to legendary raid, doing many raids in a row. Now the same people only use up their daily pass. When someone announced a raid, there was enough interest to do the raid in several different groups. I've seen groups of up to 70 people at a raid, now it is hard to get 7 trainers for a raid. This is not just happening in our group (or other raid groups), I also see way less people who aren't organized in groups attending a raid.

If people are no longer interested in catching a legendary Pokémon, something has gone miserably wrong. What's gone wrong is that Niantic kept extending the hype to a point were it didn't work anymore. Since raids require other people to succeed, this is quite a gameplay flaw.

The main problem here is that Niantic wants to keep people hyped. Instead, legendaries should be released with enough time between them to get excited again. In the meantime, we need more normal content to keep on playing. Many people have suggested interesting new/improved features; incentive for attacking gyms, (daily/weekly/monthly) quests, shiny's, PvP, abilities/status effects, gen 3 (initial hype, but better effect in the long term), etc. If they release such content and wait a month for the next legendary, people continue to play at their own pace untill the legendary comes. When the legendary Pokémon is released, we will see the same excitement as when the birds were released. This is also better from a commercial point of view because people will spend more if it is spread out over a longer period of time.

Of course what I've written here depends on my personal experience and observations. Is the same thing happening elsewhere? And if so, what do you think about it?

[Screenshot] My shiny pika that was a ditto, is sparkly

[Screenshot] My shiny pika that was a ditto, is sparkly

So as the title says, I recently caught a shiny pika in Yokohoma last week and it turned out to be a ditto. I was very mad btw, I cried!

And I just checked the ditto to release it, and it noticed its sparkling, like a shiny Pokemon. So basically, I have a shiny Pokemon but don't?

I'm hoping that when niantic finally release all shinies, this ditto will become one, as it was caught from a shiny pika.

What do you all think? I can't believe it's shiny sparking