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As a rural player, thank you, Niantic!

As a rural player, thank you, Niantic!

This update has completely changed how I feel about this game. Living in south eastern KY, doing well at this game felt like a chore more than anything. With spoofing way too common in this area, it was hard to compete. I know some people have been complaining that the game is too easy now, but for people who aren’t located in larger cities this update is perfect. From catching high level Pokemon, to filling up my dex, this update has been nonstop fun for me and my wife! Hope everyone else is having as much fun as we are!

[Discussion] The new weather system is a great solution to the stardust shortage

[Discussion] The new weather system is a great solution to the stardust shortage

For a low stardust player like me the new weather system has really solved my problem. I have never been able to power up anything to any significant level but just today I caught a high IV level 35 Machop (cloudy weather boosted) which I promptly evolved into a Machamp. Before this update I would have had to find a high IV level 30 and spend 62,000 (or more likely even lower level and spend 100k+) stardust to have the same result.

This weather system is a major buff to stardust in a fun way. Instead of just lowering stardust requirements or boosting stardust collection now we can hunt on specific weather for very high level mons to evolve.

What do you guys think about this?