I Caught A Wild Ampharos!

I Caught A Wild Ampharos!

I'm pretty excited about this, not gonna lie. I'm a SUPER rural player (nearest Pokéstop is a 10 minute drive away) and I was just going about my day, taking my route home from town when he popped up at a random bar! Not on the radar at all!

After doing my "missing Pokémon" poll (which you can see the results of here cough shameless plug cough) and finding that Ampharos is the second most elusive Pokémon behind Unown, I'm pretty ecstatic about this, especially being a rural player! The rarest catch I had before this was an Ursaring 😂

It's only a 499CP but I'm more of a completionist than a competitive battler anyway so it's not devastating 😛 I wish you all luck on your hunting! Maybe what you need will show up when you least expect it 🙂


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