Becoming increasingly suspicious that Niantic’s bizarre selection process for Ex-Raid Passes purposely avoids active raiders [Discussion]

Becoming increasingly suspicious that Niantic’s bizarre selection process for Ex-Raid Passes purposely avoids active raiders [Discussion]

I mean, think about it. I know that in my local group there are more than a few players who intend to (mostly) quit once they finally get Mewtwo. And I'm willing to bet that that is hardly an isolated phenomenon. As such, I'm beginning to suspect that Niantic is playing a nasty little game of chase the carrot.

I mean, Niantic makes most of it current revenue from raid passes, and therefore makes the most revenue off of the most active raiders. And many of the most active raiders are individuals still trying to earn that elusive Ex-Pass. So exactly what incentive as a business does Niantic have in giving Ex-Raid passes to players constantly raiding in an attempt to earn one, when raids are essentially the one thing keeping Pokemon Go relevant in regards to both game-play and earning power?

If your goals are purely financial (And Niantic has proven time after time how little they care about the actual player base), then you keep the most active player base on read, and spend the rest of your time and effort attempting to draw newcomers in, as well as attempting to regain the interest of the rest of your once sizable player base. Which would explain why most of the individuals who are receiving Ex-Raid passes are either New or Lapsed Go-ers.

I've personally never been much for conspiracy theories, and I'm not saying that this is definitely the case, but boy does it smell like it could be.

Full Disclaimer: This is most definitely not a case of sour grapes in regards to Mewtwo, as I have been fortunate enough to catch three of them. I'm just pointing this out in hopes that it'll spread through the player-base and result in enough (financial) protest that it strangles Niantic's cash flow to the point of forcing their hands. This is of course a completely naive hope, but I like the Go community enough to try. If Niantic wants to weaponize user loyalty that's their capitalistic right, but that doesn't mean we can't make them pay for it.


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