Guide to excellent throwing Kyogre

Guide to excellent throwing Kyogre

Hi, everyone! Here are some tips of getting great or even excellent throw on Kyogre. Here's the video version of this guide If you don't want to be redirected to Youtube, here's a belief written guide:

  1. A trick to put Kyogre back to the middle of the screen: Turn AR on and off. Of course, you can choose to wait patiently. (Let me know if it works on the devices that don't support AR.)

  2. Never attempt throwing at the Kyogre when it is on one side, unless you are highly experienced in throwing this kind of Pokemon

  3. Here comes the most important point, initiate the spin and throw on either the lower left or right corner (Spinning: anti-clockwise for left, clockwise for right), at around 60 degrees, release your hand at the middle of the opposite side (nearly on the edge, or just right on the edge) Here's how it looks like graphically

  4. Keep practising! As hitting the perfect angle requires much more precision than throwing excellents on Groudon. This method would never be 100% successful unless you keep on trying, same as me, I need to keep practising too.

As for the video, I think I didn't make the first slow motion slow enough to have an effective presentation, you may better look on my second slow motion, it's much better IMO.

And I know, I missed the touch indicator…


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