This game is just… boring…?

This game is just… boring…?

It's been 7 months now with raiding. You drive to a legendary/tyranitar raid, select your team, tap a bunch, try to catch it like every other pokemon, and then rinse and repeat.

There's no real variety in the gameplay. Sure, we get a new pokemon once every month, but the gameplay remains exactly the same. That is, if you can consider standing on the sidewalk and just tapping on your screen to be "gameplay". The catch phase seems at best like a Newgrounds minigame.

It's just really boring to raid all the time. And walking around aimlessly to catch whatever pokemon that appears in the wild, does anybody still find that to be rewarding? Even if you catch a good pokemon, with the mechanics and gameplay that we have now, is it going to really make any different if it's a 96% compared to an 87%?


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