[idea] Achievements/Medals unlock cosmetic items for your avatar

[idea] Achievements/Medals unlock cosmetic items for your avatar

I'm imagining something like:

  1. the catch 10-50-200 tiers of each type unlocks new clothes in the colour of that type, maybe even different styles for ones that are pretty weather specific? ice (puffy jacket! scarves!), etc.
  2. the catch rattata/pikachu/magikarp ones would give shirts or hats with that pokemon on them (pikachu ears….?)
  3. catching all pokemon from a specific region unlocks the hat the player character has in the main game (pls get rid of regionals ugh)
  4. jogger could give fancy running shoes, i'm thinking sneakers that get progressively fancier the higher the level
  5. maybe not necessarily achievement based, but maybe something for your anniversary for starting playing the game would be nice!

I'm one of those people who really likes character customization but I also just feel like having some more rewards for completing these medals would make them feel more worthwhile doing, even though the catch rate bonus is certainly great on it's own. I couldn't think of anything really nice for the bigger deal ones like raids beaten or legendary raids but it'd be nice to be able to show something off when you get it, right?


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