[Idea] A Minigame Concept

[Idea] A Minigame Concept

I know people have had complaints about having nothing to do at night or when they can't get out to play. So I've come up with a concept for a way to spend time while unable to go out and find Pokémon. The Photoshop I quickly put together shows the idea somewhat well. Basically, once daily, you can choose to go into a practice catch session with one Pokémon of your choice, as long as you have previously caught the Pokémon. You get five free Poké Balls to throw at the Pokémon. You can earn Candies for the Pokémon, as well as other useful rewards, based on how well you throw your Poké Balls.


Making an Excellent throw – 3 Candies

Making a Great throw – 2 Candies

Making a Nice throw – 1 Candy

Of course, these bonuses do not stack. You would receive the amount corresponding to the best throw you threw. Three Nice throws, one Great, and one Excellent would earn 3 Candies.

However, making a curveball would earn you one additional Candy. Additional curveball throws would not add to the reward.

Although the bonuses do not stack, you can earn extra rewards through throw streaks.


3 Nice throws in a row – 3 Revives

5 Nice throws in a row – 3 Max Revives

3 Great Throws in a row – 1 Fast TM

5 Great throws in a row – 1 Charged TM

3 Excellent throws in a row – 1 Rare Candy

5 Excellent throws in a row – 3 Rare candy

These rewards do stack. So if one were to make 5 nice throws in a row, they would get the rewards for 3 Nice throws in a row as well as for 5 in a row.

In addition, you can quit at any time and keep the Poké Balls you did not use, as long as you have thrown at least one. So if one were to make three Nice throws in a row, without curveballs, and quit after the third Nice throw, they would receive 1 Candy, 3 Revives, and 2 Poké Balls.

Because this may be considered an easy way to earn free items and Candy, I have come up with a way to increase the difficulty. Pokémon in this minigame will block the Poké Balls much more often with no set pattern. A block can be stopped midway through and another can start, thus making it much more of a challenge for the player.

However, if the player wishes to set the block pattern to that of a normal Pokémon of the species, they can do so by using Stardust. I was thinking the cost could be about 10,000 Stardust.

Remember, this is all just a concept. Any feedback and criticism is welcome!



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