I think this game may have just saved my life.

I think this game may have just saved my life.

At midnight(GMT+2) I was at a friends house and it was time to go home. Normally I like to stop and catch a few clusters along my route… ended up catching some good spawns and completing a few tasks and the next thing I noticed it was 1AM already.

Actually head home now.

When I arrived at my house I saw about 4 security company cars parked in the street at my next door neighbours house. The one security guard approached me when I pulled in to my drive way and let me know that the house next door was cleaned out of everything inside (The house has been abandoned for a few months dew to the owner passing away of natural causes). All that was left was a mop in the drive way that they had left behind in a hurry to get away.

In conclusion if I had not decided to keep playing, I might very well have encountered the thieves upon arriving at home. Be vigilant of your surroundings everyone and I'm just so grateful that there was no one harmed.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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