My lucky haul for the day!

My lucky haul for the day!

Started out with a Home Depot run for plants and cactus potting soil. I’d been stuck on “make an excellent curve ball” for a while on one of the last Mew tasks.

I managed to finish my stamps to get Sui while walking into Home Depot, caught him with an excellent curve ball and realized I’d finished Mew and my hands were shaking because I was only 2 away from finishing my Kanto Dex if I’d catch him! I did and I was elated!

Fast forward to me hatching a Kangha, the second to last Kanto I needed!

Then on a walk with my pup this evening we found a shiny Drowsee. So happy with my haul today! Sitting back this evening and feeling giddy over my catches. Thanks everyone.

Good luck out there~


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