[Question]Spoofer RIP?

[Question]Spoofer RIP?

Three accounts of a spoofer recently disappeared in the backwater rural community where I play. The spoofer wreaked havoc here for many months but I battled on. Eventually got to the point where I was reporting the first, then the second and then the third account. Sometimes reported them several times a week. Friends told me it was a cwot but three weeks ago, ping… nothing more. It was like being in a cave for months and suddenly breathing fresh air. The whole town is now back to "normal".

And now two low-level accounts are back. Same avatar clothing. Same team. Identical day/night playing patterns (which I know off by heart). I reckon it's them again.

Is it possible that Niantic actually did something or is this wishful thinking? The fear here is that at some point the scum spoofer will be back with six accounts. Then all the red team players I warned will listen up because their favourite gyms will have no spaces left.

TL;DR Am I deluded or does repeatedly reporting spoofers sometimes actually work? Should I now keep going and repeat the process with the idiot's replacement spoofer accounts?


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