Saturday It was one my best day in my life!

Saturday It was one my best day in my life!

Hi All,

it should be stupid but I wanna share my happiest day in my life about PoGo 🙂

I share my instagram link not for likes or something else but only to attach all the screenshots to my journey to complete Kanto Pokèdex: r/ .

I always been a solo player: I've got only one friends in real life, but he's far from me and we can see very few times (Maybe next week we'll meet to let him catch mewtwo 😉 ).

As a solo player and a office worker I've got not so much time to play (1 hour a day in the week and 1/2 hours on saturday and sunday).

You can't imagine how much I was happy when Niantic decided to release regional pokèmon in the 7km eggs, and the Mewtwo raid available for all for a month. I'm writing this because I know some players complain about this choice: "It's unfair for all the player who travel or get a EX raid pass". I understand them but it's a compromise: They have a strong Mewtwo, I haven't but I don't care because I play for "Gotta catch 'em all".

Pokèmon Blue was my first game boy game (I was the only one in my classroom with a Game Boy Pocket B\W) and that's why, at 26 years old, I used all my strength to complete the first generation.

Also my nickname it's a combo of my 3 favourite pokèmon BLAstoise, KIngler e Feraligatr.

I just wanted to share this little story because I'm proud to be a part of this community.

Sorry if I was wrong with some tenses, I'm from Italy.



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