[Story] Why playing this game is worth it

[Story] Why playing this game is worth it

Backstory: I go to Rutgers University located in New Brunswick and play regularly on the campuses. There is spot on the one campus where there are 5 gyms grouped up really close together. Main Story: Today at the 5 gyms in New Brunswick I walked past some Asian lady who was looking around all weird. I ignored her and went to attack one of the gyms but she came over to me (didn’t speak English) so I was confused as to what she wanted but she was pointing at my phone so I thought she wanted me to give it to someone to make a call. Turns out her daughter who was in a wheelchair plays and she wanted to do the mewtwo raid that hatched in like 25 mins. Luckily she spoke English so I said if she waited till hatch I would get a group together and we could do it. So I waited around with her and her mom till hatch and turned up getting a good sized group, beat it and she got it. I could see how happy she was. Just wanted to share this because this game does impact people and it’s sweet 😀


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