I feel really sad for losing my unique collection

I feel really sad for losing my unique collection

I have a unique collection, ever since I caught a wild 404 Ampharos I started collecting 404 pokemon. I released a few of duplicates, but other than that, I kept most of my collection, it now consists of 36 pokemon, including Lileep (which I caught outside of an event), Gengar and my most precious Ampharos.
As there is a rebalance incoming I think most of them will have their numbers moved at least a little, so that the CP might change and not be 404 anymore.
I'm glad that Niantic is doing the rebalance though, it is needed in my opinion, but still can't shake the sad feeling about losing my collection and probably never starting new one again.
My collection: https://imgur.com/a/5LMOFQu
What will happen after that? Some of it will be just released and some of it will become trading material for my girlfriend.


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