Pokemon Go pulled me out of my depression

Pokemon Go pulled me out of my depression

I had a baby in January, and I had been struggling with postpartum depression. As a stay-at-home mom, I started to feel disconnected from the world and started feeling isolated, which worsened my depression. I have been going to counseling for this as well.

One Saturday, my husband and I had a day to ourselves since our in-laws were babysitting. My husband started getting back into Pokemon Go again. He wanted to walk around and hit up some stops. So I decided to join in as well because I was interested. I am so glad I did.

Now, I am hooked! I finally found a hobby that gets me out of the house and I can do with my husband. And it's easy to do with our baby as well. We just put her in her stroller and hit up stops. It makes me happy. So thank you Pokemon Go for helping heal and be happy again!


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