Pokémon Go on college campus is amazing.

Pokémon Go on college campus is amazing.

I have done three raids over the past two days. Only one was successful and the result was the least desirable (Alola Marowak over Ttar and Mewtwo). But it got me to walk much further than I needed to and I met people. Today, there were so many people gathered on campus for the Mewtwo weather boost raid. We divided by team. There were 8 in mine and me and one other were below rank 30. I had no Pokemon that were super effective and had good resistances. We battled fiercely within the 5 minutes. We all lost tons of Pokémon along the way. I remember losing 16. We got nervous halfway through that we would fail. Health was down slightly below half but the worry was we’d start sending in weaker Pokemon once we were downed. This mfer was spamming thunderbolt every five seconds. 15 seconds left, we downed him. My team started screaming with pride and pleasure. It felt awesome to celebrate together. I failed ultimately in catching Mewtwo, but it was nice to see all these people in one spot and chill out. Pokémon Go on college campuses specifically is amazing.


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