I have a Complaint w/ Constructive Criticism.

I have a Complaint w/ Constructive Criticism.

I do not like the fact that Niantic is “not good” at communicating with their players, and I suggest we change that communication problem which I believe has lead to increased toxicity by having Niantic bring on a community manager who will communicate openly with the people who play their game. This will decrease the vibe of Broken Promises, Delays, and Distrust with Niantic, and if anything, it may bring better Public Relations allowing the company to sell sponsorships with more businesses, provide a much more flushed out gaming experience and improve community relations.



Weekly questions, bugs, and gameplay megathread – November 2017

Weekly questions, bugs, and gameplay megathread – November 2017

Temporary FAQ:

  • LEGENDARIES – Three Legendary Beasts (Raikou, Entei, and Suicune) available, rotating continents on 30 September, then finally rotating on 31 October.

  • LEGENDARIES – MewTwo available via invitation-only EX Raids.

  • Known Issues Page

  • Raids and Battles – open to all Gym-eligible Trainers (Level 5+) as of July 1st

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Past Q&A Megathreads

Known bugs (some have possibly been fixed):

See here for Niantic-recognized bugs.

  • New: Shadow-Bans If you have ever used a third-party service (such as an IV checker) that required you to log into your Pokemon Go account, and/or you have ever received a warning message about unauthorized access, you may have recently been "shadow-banned". You can still play the game like normally, but only common Pokemon will show up and you will not see "rare" spawns while others will. You will need to remove any such services, revoke their authorizations, change your password, etc. Roughly a week after doing so, people have reported the shadow-bans being lifted for legitimate players.

  • New in 0.59.1 The Pokédex displays genders for Pokémon you have caught, if applicable. However, code for genders was only added sometime in December/January. Any Pokémon caught/evolved prior to that will have a (randomly assigned?) gender in the Inventory, but will not properly display the gender in the Pokédex.

  • Sometimes while the game is loading it will get stuck on a white screen. This seems to be due to an anti-bot "Captcha" screen that didn't load correctly, and can usually be fixed by restarting the app.

  • There is a bug with the GPS not connecting properly, which results in nearby Pokémon spawns disappearing for a few minutes.

  • The game will randomly crash sometimes. Having the most updated version of the app and the most updated version of your operating system tends to minimize this, but it still happens.

  • There are graphical glitches sometimes where a Pokémon will spawn as a "miniature" version of itself. If you restart the app and are still close enough, it should reappear normally and be clickable.

  • There is a bug sometimes while battling a gym if you don't have a great connection. If you dodge an attack that would otherwise kill you, sometimes the game won't register the dodge and your Pokémon will "faint". Then the game will sync with the server and undo the damage that you dodged, but your Pokémon still shows as fainted and you can't actually attack.

  • If phone time is not set to Automatic, Incense and Lures may not work properly. Fix this by setting time to Automatic (in your phone's Time/Date settings)

Instruction Manual

Useful Links

I'm sick of the memes here, I want the discussion posts!

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Niantic support : http://ift.tt/29kOlHO

/r/PokemonGO FAQ: /r/PokemonGo/wiki/FAQ

There's this Pokéstop/Gym near me which seems inappropriate. Can I report it?

Use this link. However, Niantic seems to be preoccupied with other things now, so don't expect too much.

We have Niantic representatives on both here and /r/TheSilphRoad – please do not ping them for bugs which are in the known issues page unless you have found a niche yet gamebreaking issue/exploit.

Where can I find other players in my area?

Try our regional subreddits list! Also, see the related subreddits for more niche needs!

If you have any suggestions for FAQs to append to this thread or for meta questions, message the moderators or mention /u/PokemonGoMods!

[Question] when did Niantic change the Pokestop item payout and why?

[Question] when did Niantic change the Pokestop item payout and why?

Haven't played for a few weeks due to study and work and life and whatever but have a lot more free time now and getting back into it. One of the first things I noticed after spinning half a dozen stops is that I didn't receive a single potion from any of them. No super, hyper, max, not even a regular potion! I'm pretty down on potions as well because of raids and attacking gyms and whatnot so I'm pretty annoyed about this as it kind of feels like they're trying to discourage excessing raiding/battling now? Wtf Niantic? Anyone know why this happened or what we can do about it? It seems like all we get is Pokeballs and berries now from stops. Don't tell me this is one of Niantic's responses to the community again when they over-correct something that doesn't need to be fixed just because a small vocal minority bitched at them about it. Please don't let this be the case 😦

Be careful with pokemon go knock off games! Found this one on my facebook feed. It steals your information when you play it, and after a few days it will no longer work. Do not become a victim of identity theft!

Be careful with pokemon go knock off games! Found this one on my facebook feed. It steals your information when you play it, and after a few days it will no longer work. Do not become a victim of identity theft!

An ad popped up on my facebook feed for this app. The video looked interesting, and i knew that it was to good to be true. Upon investigating i learned that this game is used to data mine unsuspecting people and steals their information. This is the game here

This is the add that came up on my facebook the first thing that stood out to me was the title. It is randomly selected with words that make it easier to find by searching

I decided that id read some of the comments, and suprisingly every comment said the exact same thing. The game worked fine for a few days, then stopped no matter what happened. this lead me to click the instal button to see exactly what kind of permissions you needed to give the game. And sure enough, this is what the app asks for

Do not be fooled by apps like this and be very careful. These types of games are parasites on the community, and prey on people who enjoy pokemon.

We expected some communication from niantic last week and that’s why I’m now disappointed.

We expected some communication from niantic last week and that’s why I’m now disappointed.

They had an announcement last week saying they are trying to communicate more. I expected something about why the game is so terrible rn. Or hopefully something about bugs? Something about the future for the game? No, nothing. They announced the AT winner. It came to the point that niantic showed that they don't care enough. So I figured, why should i?