[Photo] Accurate Pokémon spawn

[Photo] Accurate Pokémon spawn


Feel good PoGo story

Feel good PoGo story

I was feeling super, super bummed out today. I'm broke, I'm not doing as good as I want in college, I don't really have friends or the time to make any. It seemed like everything hit at once like these kind of things tend to do.

I decided to force myself to go for a walk. During my walk, I opened up Pogo and saw a silhouette of Blissey! Blissey is a Pokemon I just can't get my hands on. Whenever someone in my cities group chat posts about a Chansey/Blissey spawn, it's gone by the time I get there.

Anyway, I'm on this walk and it spawns! I read the bulbapedia bio on Blissey and got

"A small, pink pouch on its belly holds a single egg, which brings feelings of happiness and makes a person pleasant and caring if ingested. Blissey can use its fluffy fur to sense sadness, and will rush to anyone feeling sad or ill and attempt to nurse him or her back to health."

It's a crap Blissey, but it's mine and it showed up under really touching circumstances.

[Discussion] A little concerned about the egg drop rate during Equinox event…

[Discussion] A little concerned about the egg drop rate during Equinox event…

Since the big Pokemon event in Chicago a couple of months ago, it seems RNGesus has been pretty cruel with the distribution of eggs for me personally. Since the event, it seems that about 80% of the time, I'm getting nothing but 5km eggs with 2km and 10km eggs sprinkled here and there.

With the new event starting up tomorrow, does that mean that Pokestops are dropping nothing but 2km eggs for the duration of the event, or is the RNG still the same for your chances of getting 2km eggs? As of now, my whole egg pool consists of 5km eggs and I hate to throw down my coins for incubators to hatch all these eggs just to end up with a new batch of 5km eggs from Pokestops after the event starts.