Crazy MewTwo story

Crazy MewTwo story

Buckle up ladies and gents for this is about to be one hell of a wild ride.

As we all know, as of now, unless you live in Japan or close to a sponsored Gym in the US, getting an EX raid pass is pretty much impossible.

That means that for a guy like me, born and raised in Europe, much like the grand majority of non US/JP players MewTwo was off the table.

Well, I do however travel a lot for work, and chance had it that this week I'd be travelling to Texas, I got there on sunday and not really having much to do until monday I spent the day at a closeby Mall, when I got there I open my app and see a Magmar raid nearby, I haven't used my free pass since my flight was over 20h total so I say what the heck, let's get ourselves a good ol' duck Flambè.

After that I go on with my work week which, after a few stops, brought me all the way to Arkansas on wednesday, once there I open the game again, looking for something to catch and instead of the usual pidgey when the app loads what I found waiting for me was an EX raid invite.

Quite puzzled and pleasantly surprised I look for clues in the description and lo' and behold, the one and only raid I've done since I landed on American soil was at a Sprint sponsored Gym which had a raid on thursday! Awesome right?


After the initial happiness shock I actually realize that I was now in another state, 4 hours away from said gym with no way of going back until I was done with my job and the chances of me making it back in time for the raid were actually extremely small considering I had work planned for thursday morning and going into the afternoon.

Well, lady luck did smile upon me one more time, by shifting my scheduled job one day sooner and I managed to get something done on wednesday afternoon against all odds.

That's when I figured out I was gonna make it to the raid and when I started freaking out, I tried every single Facebook, Discord, Subreddit etc… I could find to look for people that were gonna attend the raid on Thursday and try to join their group and managed to get accepted into a Discord group where people was planning for the same raid.

So now here I was on thursday, travelling back to Texas, on the same hotel, close to the same mall where MewTwo was gonna spawn in a mere 3 more hours.

I get ready and head to the mall where I meet up with the guy and his brother and we just chat, crack some jokes and join up with more people to do random raids that were popping up here and there to kill time while waiting for MewTwo.

Finally the egg pops up, and after what felt like forever MewTwo follows, we manage to gather enough people to form two groups and just as my group was about to beat him my app crashes and, once again, I freak out.

I quickly come back in the game and get back inside the gym, preparing for the worst but after a few seconds of eternity the "You won!" Screen pops up and I finally get into the capture screen…

Well people, after this crazy story, it wouldn't be a fitting ending if the bugger just fled from me, right?


Chasing a tour bus for a Pokémon:

Chasing a tour bus for a Pokémon:

So we were in Barcelona recently, and I was on a tour bus with free wifi. I didn't pay for cellular, so I thought I might as well open Pokémon on the bus. Nothing special spawned all week. It was the last day, and I was getting off tour bus for the last time.

And it spawned


And the bus was driving AWAY

So I ran.


And I caught it while running after a bus.

I felt so proud of myself, and I finally had filled the gaping shadow in my pokedex.