Today was one of the best PoGo days since release

Today was one of the best PoGo days since release

It's been a long time since I've had this much fun with the game and been this excited as today. Walking around town looking for legendaries with beautiful weather, meeting a lot of nice people also playing the game and catching 2 Articunos. Everyone I met today playing the game was happy and for the first time in a looong time not ashamed of playing the game.

As a follow up to the fiasco of yesterday this was a 180 degree turnaround and I've got high hopes for the future of the game. Thanks for being awesome fellow Pokémon Go players!

Super Easy Raid Fix.

Super Easy Raid Fix.

You guys ready for this? It's so simple. SCALE THE RAID TO THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE AVAILABLE. My god, the simplicity. B-B-But Springheeljac you say, people will solo it. Oh god no, not that, I remember back in Red and Blue when it took 40 of us to take out Mewtw…wait no that never happened. It was just me. Just like literally every other Pokemon game.

Making Legendaries raid specific is about the dumbest, most exclusionary thing Niantic has done so far. Hey rural players spend gas/bus money to travel to a larger city to get a chance to watch legendaries run from you regardless of the number of excellent curve balls you throw with golden raspberries! Enjoy wasting hundreds of revives and potions as you fail to beat it the first couple of times because the game has thrown half the group out and they're struggling to get in. Marvel as lower level players, new to the game somehow manage to catch it with their first ball after being carried through the raid! Spend LOTS of money on raid passes so you can experience this magical feeling over and over again, because remember everyone we're barely keeping the lights on here with the literal millions we're making at Niantic.